Serving Westchester, Bellwood, Maywood, Hillside & The Near Western Suburbs of Chicago

Guidelines for Visit

1.) ALL PETS BE LEASHED OR CONFINED IN PET CARRIER AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN HOSPITAL Keep pet within one foot. QUICK PETTING AND GROOMING PETS CAN MAKE THEM NERVOUS AND AGGRESSIVE [prone to bite]. Do not allow your pet to defecate to urinate in hospital. You and your pet will have pleasant visit . Your participation in this matter is well appreciated.

2.) Please do not give food or water to the pet 2 hours before visit and 2 hours after returning home unless instructed otherwise. If your pet needs a procedure requiring anesthesia or sedation please do not give food or water for 10 hours before visit

3.) Please bring medical records, pill vials and list of medicines. x-rays & lab results

4.)  Please bring 2 teaspoonfuls in Styrofoam cup of urine if urinary problems or poop sample iv vomiting or diarrhea

5.) Please bring poop sample if vomiting or diarrhea

Allow 24 hours for change of appointment. Discounts are given if no appointments are missed in two consecutive years.